How We Can Help

Peer Support Services

This consumer driven program provides a variety of services to consumers, including support and education, one-on-one social activity, hospital visitation, advocacy, and leadership training.

Peer Outreach

Peer Outreach volunteers are trained to offer support, friendship and empathy to their peers in the mental health community.  Through interaction with their peers, they seek to foster:

  • Empowerment through meaningful volunteer opportunities
  • Awareness of resources in the community
  • Independence by emphasizing recovery and by being positive role models

Peer Facilitation Program

Peer Facilitators are trained in communication skills, the rights of people hospitalized, the Mental Heatlh Act, and issues affecting day-to-day living of people coping with a mental illness.  They work with health care providers and their peers to ensure a higher qaulity of life and address concerns people with a mental illness might have.

Provincial Advocacy

Our CMHA BC Division Office strives to advocate at a broader "systems" level.  To learn more about their projects visit:

Contact Peer Outreach:

Phone:  (250) 542-6155
Fax: (250) 542-5886